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Emoji is our native language,
We Are Creed.

If you want the youth to stop leaving your brand on read, you’ve come to the right place. Creed Media is a full-service digital impact agency that fosters and influences internet culture all around the globe.

If you’d ask a boomer, Creed Media works with creators and brands to explore opportunities emerging in the powerful confluence of technology and evolving online behavior.

If you’d ask us, we turn consumers into stans.




Workplace and Culture

We're a team of highly creative and curious individuals working towards the unanimous goal of creating the world's most innovative marketing initiatives. Creed is a workplace that fosters raw creativity, entrepreneurship and an inclusive culture.

Why work with us?

We are a family of kind, creative and internet savvy people. We share success in everything we do and we tackle obstacles as a team.

If you want to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment with the opportunity to influence internet culture and how millions of users consume media - you should join Creed Media backstage.

  • Shared Success

    Teamwork makes the dreamwork. You could be the sharpest tool in the shed - but it still takes a village. At Creed, we empower each other and share success in everything we do.

  • Democreativity

    All team members can get involved in the creative process and we always strive to go beyond the ordinary. When we produce another groundbreaking campaign, it could have been your idea that made it fly.

  • Personal Development & Leadership

    We always value internal promotions over external recruiting and we want our team members to grow. We practice self-leadership, which means we see everyone at Creed as leaders, owning the responsibility for themselves and for their team efforts. All team members get their own personal development plan with biweekly check-ins.

Our Journey!

This is the story of Creed.


Creed was founded in late 2018 by Hugo, Tim and Eliot.

Crashing a conference room

We were allowed to crash a conference room at a tech startup (truly grateful)

We got our first office

We decided to scale up and get our first office, it was in a basement.

We grew a lot

We outgrew the basement so we had to move. Finally we had room for everyone!

We got bigger

We outgrew our new office, so we took over the neighbours office as well. 

We got even bigger

We outgrew the basement and had to get a new office with more desks and meeting rooms. 


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